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    Part Number: O 20,000-JCO923-100-25-LF

    Manufacturer: JAUCH QUARTZ GmbH

    Description: VCXO, Vcc 5.0V, 16,384MHz, +/-100ppm // +/-25ppm, 30pF, -10..+70'C, DIP-14

    Category: QUARTZ/OSC

    IHI Electronics is your global electronic component source, with more than 20 years of experience as a stocking supply chain manager. Browse our QUARTZ/OSC category. There, you'll find part number O 20,000-JCO923-100-25-LF. It is a VCXO, Vcc 5.0V, 16,384MHz, +/-100ppm // +/-25ppm, 30pF, -10..+70'C, DIP-14. {manufacturer} is the manufacturer. IHI Electronics has a wide array of products and services, everything to meet your demand for excellence.

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