Welcome to IHI Electronics, your Global Electronic component source. With over 20 years of experience as a stocking distributor we are pleased to offer a wide range of services that differentiate us from all other independent distributors. Call one of our sales associates and ask about our BOM and AVL data reporting and analysis, strategic sourcing, bonding, Assembly (PCB), Kitting, Prototype, device programming and just-in-time inventory programs. We can implement obsolescence management programs, and lifecycle risk analysis. We can cross-reference parts with alternate sources derived from automated parametric data comparisons.

IHI is proud to offer franchised lines such as Walsin and ILSI into the IHI Electronics family. These alliances have given us the ability to supply all of your passive component requirements. We can package, bond, and deliver all of your capacitors, resistors, resistor arrays, crystals and oscillators at drastically reduced prices, just-in-time, every time!

IHI Electronics takes enormous pride in the wide breadth of products and services offered. We offer so many services because we know our customers today demand excellence. Our goal is not just to get an order, but to develop mutually beneficial relationships for years to come.

After 20 years in this industry IHI Electronics has proven time and again to be above the rest in quality assurance, and service excellence.

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